the view from there

the view from there
ON February 28th we closed on a house in Estate Hard Labor, St John USVI…. even though it is a relatively newer structure, we understand that the house has, well,….’issues’…..but how many? This we are still discovering….but realize that the list is going to most certainly get longer than shorter! Going in we knew it needed all the doors in front (7 big french doors….) totally replaced–probably with impact resistant glass (unless we want to build shutters?)– we also knew there was a roof leak, tiling issues (re-grouting) and some potential electrical issues (the extent of which we need to figure out), and some general construction type cleanup. Then…….after closing we found out about the rodents–….–ok, the caribbean… I get it– but they did some serious gnawing….on kitchen cabinets….ugh — ..hey, i live in NY!–Rats are a part of life– I just really don’t like them! Then other window issues, some potential lumber issues related to a bad batch of pressure treated lumber…And then there is the fact that the pool wasn’t maintained (and somehow the owners got away with not paying their WAPA bill so the power has been shut off and as of this writing, i believe it is still off! Making resolution of that matter a bit difficult…..) Lucky for us, we have R.A.E. (RealEstate Agent Extraordinaire) working on our behalf to resolve this (and SO THANKFUL FOR THAT!) and (introducing) J-1 our person on the job there who is cleaning stuff up….and delivering good and bad news….. We think that the house has good ‘bones’…..and hoping that that proves to be the case. We have friends old and new who have been giving us advice and assistance along the way and for that we are forever thankful…. Going down on Saturday to see what this really will be about…….and how long the list will be! I am still trying to learn this blog thing–so hopefully this will get better over time!

2 thoughts on “the view from there”

  1. so happy for you and your family on the closing of your home in beatuyful st john.I wish you all the best,also look forward to running into to you guys one day.untill the have fun and again congrats!

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