the first big foray….

So tomorrow we venture as a family to camp in the ‘manse’   — and my daughter has two friends along for the journey… should be interesting!  I am not sure what we will find when we arrive….J-1 asked me if i had someone coming in to clean up– i didn’t/don’t since the deep cleaning was done a bit ago…or so i thought?  — Hopefully it’s not complete chaos?   With everyone tripping over each other there — there are bound to be some bristled feathers — and, of course,  we have just that…. As i have said before, i am extremely lucky to have been able to engage the persons i have- to a T,  everyone has been terrific at what they do — and I really hope that whatever issues there are can be resolved.   More pictures soon come of whatever progress awaits.   That and and a rail-less pool deck ……  So, patient reader, can a cable rail possibly look good on this house?  or do we replace with the same look…..I am thinking that a cable rail might look out of place with the traditional rail on the rest of the house– also considerations of a vinyl rail versus aluminum ?  — thoughts (if anyone at all is actually reading this! )   oh….and i bought a car– might be the best or worst purchase ever (ok, probably not the worst– the used volvo that blew up in the driveway with my infant son inside– pretty much CANNOT top that….and yeah, that one the Gman never lets me forget…..-cannot say as i blame him!!)  For this trip a week — and i hope to actually get to the beach this time….  been three trips and no sand and no water…



One thought on “the first big foray….”

  1. I am reading! Re-post the pic of the whole house please, and I might form a thought about the rails. Have a fine fun time, and do get thee to a beach! Don’t disappoint me!

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