we’ve come a long way baby!

Its been 18 months since we ‘finished’ (to be honest there are still undone projects — windows that have yet to be replaced, and as ever, ongoing maintenance….all that scream for attention) But — the upside is we’ve been having a good run — Wonderful people visiting Alice by the Sea!  The downside to that upside — is I am not able to get there nearly as often as I had hoped or imagined….  But first, some before and after shots — Hopefully this will give you an idea of some of what we did. Bear with me — some of these old shots you may have seen before…..

The pool deck looks a a lot more appealing ! New sun loungers — not shown is the comfy couch and dining area (you can see that on our website )!  New Grill area with ice maker, fridge and BeefEater BBQ, side burner and sink ….Hey, recognize that granite used on the counter?????

the bedrooms upstairs – all new fixtures, windows, sliders, doors, fans and AC units

The Bathrooms…  some before and after ….think you’ll agree that they needed some love.

The downstairs bedrooms  (below)

— one was the utility room — we moved all of the ‘works’ under the pool deck

and the entry way

SO … still to come- the landscaping…. (which I love!)   And we will be doing some renovations of the pool this summer i hope …We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback and just love that people are having wonderful vacations here… We think it came out pretty nice– What do you think?

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