the long winter brings on cabinet fever?

it’s late….. forgive me.

J1 called tonight and his words were basically …..’well, after looking behind the appliances…..i think that maybe my initial take on the cabinets might be wrong……maybe they do need to be replaced…..whoever put them in…well, they weren’t very careful…..’  <<cue downward slide whistle>>   G-man is more against dealing with cabinets than he is french doors…….call this the cabinet revolt….– but really only the center island revolt– so maybe we annex that part of the kitchen to russia?  or norman island?  Bear with me .  Like i said, it is late.   1F-1 is studying for a Bio test and I am trying to keep 2f-1 from annoying her while she studies…….it’s late and everyone’s tired and tempers are not what they should be…so i am a bit punchy and there is snow in the forecast . …    After the 30 K estimate for tile work that was delivered today (much that is necessary and has to be done ….and then some — a big ticket  outdoor shower–that is desired, but not critical) staring a complete kitchen redo in the face is really not what we wanted…

but as a friend says   ‘2 live kids at the end of the day?  I win’  (and wow, with their issues tonight that was almost not the case!)

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