and the list grows….but maybe the cabinets can stay?

J-1 called and said he was reconsidering his last assessment of the cabinets so they might be ok after a lovely and wonderful   cleaning faery scrubbed and beautified them…..and if he can find the serial number then I am told that Kraftmaid will have a record of them and can make replacement parts — so that is a WHOLE lot cheaper than a new kitchen….PHEW…….Pool is being taken care of (i know, i know….– a case of misguided priorities….but hey!   I have never had a pool! And besides we are going to ‘camp’ there over the kids spring break.)  But the list still seems to be getting longer rather than shorter…roof has (more) issues….areas are flat and need a bit of pitch so that the water runs off…, more rot in the wood (which i think will all need to be replaced eventually and there is a lot of it) a drainage issue , a septic issue…a water pump issue……

but small steps and so far, so good……i am impatient by nature– so this project will be a test for me for sure……..I am lucky to have many wonderful friends who are making the way a bit easier, by making introductions,  talking me down off of my panic “did we make a huge mistake?’  giving me good advice (even if i don’t necessarily want to hear it– you see i really do want those french doors…….and i might live to regret it).    And one friend in particular who has done so much…that i am not sure i can ever find a way to say thank you.

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