some of the fun stuff…after more additions to the list of ‘things’

So, heading back on Monday to see what gives–i should be ecstatic…..but i am kind of just filled with foreboding…..More Rat nests were discovered and the damage from the rats is likely to lead to even more significant expenses (over what it already has– which is basically all new appliances…thank you R.O.U.S’s……) I still haven’t made a decision on french doors versus sliders (this will become a theme here i imagine…my deciding and committing to one thing or another……it took me a good 4 months to decide on tile for a bathroom once!  This is going to be a LONG process…..)–but the G-man wants the place on the market by late fall……so this means getting my act together.  For now, adding to the list the additional rat damage and another electrical connection that may not be up to  code.

The house needs to have some happy in it– so hoping that we can manage that….and next week i hope to infuse the house with happy (Without rats…..god , please! Without rats……not that i am against rats being happy– just not happy in my house) — In the meantime i since i am sort of paralyzed by the larger projects (committing to replacement doors, large furniture purchases, etc, etc) I thought i would buy a few things that might be nice in the house….. so in no particular order- coffee mugs. (a pair of each)  a small tray and a small box  for a bureau, a kettle, and a serving platter….  none of these things is particularly significant and will go in a box until we ship a container down…but starting the process of thinking what i want there makes it a bit less abstract and makes it a bit more happy……

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2

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