a random post about why there has been no post

so been in St John since monday…on Coral bay side of the island my phone (verizon) DOES NOT work…..  and no wireless except a bit at concordia….and so…… radio silence….  I was going to write a long post tonight with pictures….– but it is 11:45 pm — and I just got home…because i missed my direct flight to JFK — because basically the Airport at St Thomas is FUBAR.  if you have been there you know the drill– and i was a *bit* tardy– i was not THAT late…… and told the security people that i was REALLY late (after getting thru the 50 minute line for customs and then the 45 minute security line — or something to that effect….)   they did the following…:  shut down their second security line (the X-ray machine line) and looked at me and shrugged….. so racing thru after security and they are taking the steps away from dear old AA flight 936…… (and my chances of getting home for dinner) …..but the agent in st thomas for american immediately rebooked me on the miami flight then on to JFK..so i walked by flight 936 (scheduled for 1:05) at 1:15 or so (insert glare stare here)  and onto my Miami bound flight…. but in an exit row (score one for me!)  —  met a LOVELY woman from St Thomas who is a school counselor there– so that was a nice way to spend the flight….The house has been slowly (well – not so slowly) revealing itself and the project list grows all the longer……  the G-man reminds me that our last name isn’t Gates or Buffet..

But there are more big issues……and they have to be addressed…..  I remind myself that i am one lucky lady to have this opportunity…and a supportive (if slightly more jaded?) spouse….  

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